Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Vol.10, Issue 03, 2004; Page No.(373-374)


Kumar Nikhil


Flyash disposal is a great matter of deal world wide. Its diverse impact on environment is worthwhile. The flyash are not only the solid refuse, but also an available resource in the course of power generation. If It were handled aptly, resources of flyash could be fully utilized. It would be of great significance for environmental protection. Flyash can be utilizes for compost making with crop, animal and human residues because its adds some macro and micro nutrients which are present in flyash, such as K. P, Ca, Mg, Fe, B, Zn and Mo stimulated plant growth and crop yield. Moreover, its basic nature can balance acidic soil. In this paper a brief description has been given for the preparation of flyash mix compost and its movement over the use of commom compost.

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