Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Vol.09, Issue 02, 2003; Page No.(181-185)


Kaushalya Gupta, Veena Jain, Neeraj Kumar and Vikas Deep


Effects of cadimum on wheat varieties was examined on various growth and yield parameiers at vegetative and maturity stages. In all the cultivars, there was a sigificant deleterious effect on growth and yield attributes at maturity while little effect was observed at the vegetative stage The effect was concentration dependent in the range of 5.0 to 10.00 mM CdC12. However, 1.0 mM CdC12 was stimulatory to growth in all the cultvars of wheat. thereby enhancing root length, shoot length, number of grains ear weight, grain weight and yeiid per plant. An adverse effect of 5- I 0 mM Cd2 + was clear on all the parameters such as shoot and root length, number of tillers, leaves and ear heads and number of grains per plant.At 1.0 m M cadmium.growth and yield were stimulated in all the cultivars at both the stages. Compared to other cultivars cv C306 seems to be better adapted and least susceptible to cadmium toxicity.

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