Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Vol.15, Issue 03, 2009; Page No.(593-598)


T.E. Baug. S.B. Patange and S.T. Sharangdhar


Hurdle technology has been developed as a new concept for the realization of safe, stable, nutritious, tasty, and economical foods. It employs the intelligent combination of different preservation factors to achieve multi-target, mild but reliable preservation effects. An attempt was made to prepare intermediate moisture soft- moist prawns using hurdle technology. Fresh peeled and un-deveined prawns (Parapenaeopsis stylifrra) were washed with chilled potable water and marinated using a mixture containing common salt (3%), citric acid (0.2%), glycerol (1%), propylene glycol (0.5%) and water (2%) (Wet weight basis). Annatto seed powder in the concentration of 10 ppm was used as a colourant. The prawns were steamed for 10 min and dried under vacuum at 60 °C for 4 h. The changes in biochemical, microbiological and sensory characteristics of the soft- moist prawns packed under vacuum in nylon- laminated polyethylene bags during storage at ambient (30 ± 3 °C) and refrigerated temperature (2 ± 1 °C) were monitored. The final product had moisture content of 35%. The TM A value increased from 1.18 to 29.22 mg% in ambient stored products on 3rd day, while refrigerated products had the value of 22.25 mg% at the 15th day of storage. The TVB and alpha amino nitrogen also increased significantly during the storage period. The total bacterial count increased significantly to 6.24 log cfu/g at the end of 15th day of storage at refrigeration temperature. Similar changes were observed in the spore of the product during storage. Noticeable changes were observed in the anaerobic count as anaerobes were not detected initially in the raw material and its value increased to 0.93 MPN/100g in ambient stored product. Sensory evaluation revealed that, the product stored at ambient and refrigerated temperature was acceptable upto 2 and 12 days respectively. It is concluded that hurdle processed prawns does rectuir. refrigeration for satisfactory extension of shelf life.

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