Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Vol.12, Issue 01, 2006; Page No.(17-23)


Abdullah Harun Chowdhury and M. Zaman


Limnological conditions of carnivorous plant Utricularia L. habitats in Bangladesh have been studied from July 1999 to June 2001. During the period of study Utricularia aurea (with float) Utricularia aurea (without float), UtriL-ulariastellaris and Utricularia exoleata were recorded in Rajshahi region. Yearly mean values of the water temperature, transparency, TSS, TDS, pH, DO, Eh, rH„ BOD5, electric conductivity, HCO„ chloride and total hardness indicate that the water quality of the Utricularia habitats were always alkaline in nature and overall water quality were in good level of natural condition. Recorded water parameters had statistically significant relation with Utricularia. 13 phvsico-chemical conditions of bottom soil of Utricularia habitats were measured. The associated algae and high important value index of Hydrilla verticillata, Limnophylla heterophylla, Salvinia rotundifolia and Ceratophyllum submersum also indicate the organic and inorganic pollutant free water of Utricularia habitats. Day by day the habitats of Litricularta are decreased by the increasing of water pollution and in future we will be lost our interesting biodiversity. Now environmental protection rules are to be strictly imposed to protect and conserve the Utricularia habitats.

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