Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Vol.03, Issue 3,4, 1997; Page No.(197-201)


N.G. Mulik and R.D. Tare


The most common and systematically troublesome species is Avicennia. The genus shows considerable morphological variation, especially in leaves and flowers. Earlier observations reveal that many morphological attributes reflect eco-environmental gradients. Therefore, in the present investigation an attempt has been made to undertake ecology of Avicennia species which includes species distribution, zonation and association pattern. The study was carried out at four different estuaries viz; Ganapatipule, Are, Sakhartar and Shirgao along the coast of Ratnagiri (Maharashtra). Speices distribution along the west coast is not uniform. This may be due to tolerance and sensitivity of the species as well as sediment composition. Zonation and association of Avicennia speices reflect significant difference in evironmental condition.

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