Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Vol.15, Issue 02, 2009; Page No.(289-294)


Adel Vahedi, Morteza Almassi, Arzhang Javadi, Saeed Minaee and EsmaeilYasari


Knowing the physical properties of canola are necessary for designing of equipments for handling, transporting, processing and storage this crop. In this article some of physical properties of canola have been determined and evaluated. Eight varieties were tested at 5 levels of moisture content (W.b) have been used to determine parameters: Axial dimensions, geometric mean diameter, area, projected area, volume, sphericity and aspect ratio. Analysis of variance test of the data showed that, variety significantly affected all parameters (P<0/0 I) and moisture content only had significant effect on sphericity and aspect ratio (p<0/05). Relationship between The physical properties and moisture content are expressed by regression relations. Comparison of means with Dunkan's method showed that PF, Hyola 401 and SIM 046 varieties have the least dimensional differences and the most coefficient of spheicity. RGS 003,Talaye and Okapy varieties have the most dimensional differences and the least coefficient of spheicity

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