Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Vol.11, Issue 3,4, 2005; Page No.(437-440)


A.K. Gupta' and TR. Aggarwal


A study was carried out to know the noise levels in different parts ofVaranasi city. Noise pollution affects the million of people in all parts of the world, especially those who live in large cities, due to heavy vehicular traffic. In a bid to know this, a study has been performed in Varanasi city to assess the noise levels at selected locations with heavy traffic. The data were compared with standards and recommendations made to overcome the noise pollution in urban areas. Noise levels have been estimated at six sites in Varanasi city, representing various zones like residential, commercial, silence and traffic crossings. Noise level at all the sites of these zones during day hours has been observed to be far exceed than the prescribed limit. Main source of noise was vehicular traffic. The survey also revealed that the afternoon hours are the noisiest. The noise level ranged from 46.3 (dBA) to 88.5 (dBA).Lahartara crossing (at G.T. Road) was highly noisy (Leq about 76 dBA).The noise pollution parameter (LnP) values ranged in between 76.37(dBA) to 99.44 (dBA). The TNI values were recorded in between 70.80 to I 13.20.The noise levels recorded at all the six sites far exceed the prescribed limits.

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