Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Vol.11, Issue 3,4, 2005; Page No.(425-428)


H.K. Senapati, S.K. Mohanty and P.K. Samant


A field experiment was conducted in the central farm of O.U.A.T., Bhubaneswar during 1997 with rice as the test crop. The carbofuran 3G was applied 22 days after transplanting at the recommended dose of I kg a.i./ha. Different amendments like FYM, sludge gobar gas slurry azolla and BGA, were applied as treatments to study their effect on decontamination of carbofuran.The soil and water samples from the treated plots including control were collected at 0, 5, I 0, 20 days and plant samples were collected at 5, I 0 and 20 days after application of the toxicant for assessment of pesticide residues.The percentage of degradation of carbofuran residues in soil paddy water and plant with sludge treatment at 20 days time were 63.20, 56.21 and 78.05, which seemed to be the highest.Amongst all the amendments the sludge was found to be most suitable for decontamination of carbofuran in soil, paddy water and plant.

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