Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Vol.11, Issue 3,4, 2005; Page No.(359-362)


M. Jayanthi, M. Jawahar Mariappan, N. Johnson Thengaraj and T. Kannadevan


A non convective salt stratified mini solar pond with three distinct regions namely upper convecting zone (UCZ), non convecting zone (NCZ), lower convection zone (LCZ) was constructed to assess the performance. Sodium chloride salt was used to create the density gradient. Different density of salt water was maintained in different depth using diffuser by layer by layer method. pH was maintained at 7.5.The temperature values were high in the LCZ and NCZ. The maximum temperature attained at the LCZ was 48°C.The efficiency of the pond was 18.78 per cent and various losses from pond like top, side, bottom losses were measured as 42 %, 5 % and 3.4 % respectively.The insulation resulted in 0.35 MJ/day energy saving at LCZ and increased the efficiency of the pond by 1.5%. The shadow effect was 3.82% (12.87 MJ). The temperature at LCZ could go up to 70°C in summer and supply 4500 KJ/day.The simple three zone model of the pond was considered, temperature variations and energy fluxes are calculated and the efficiency of the pond was arrived.The solar pond proved to be reliable and quite efficient storage system.

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