Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Vol.10, Issue 02, 2004; Page No.(137-142)


Anupreet Singh Tiwana


The agricultural-dominated state of Punjab has made big strides as far as urbanization is concerned.According to 1991 census the urban areas of Punjab are growing at the alarming rate of 3.6 per cent per year. Unfortunately, one of the basic civic amenities, i.e. the Crematorium is not receiving due attention in Urban Studies. There is dire need to study the crematoria in urban areas as these have environmental, psychological, cultural and social impact on the residents in the vicinity.The inclusion of the cremation process in the Environmental Protection Act, 1990 has encouraged the researcher to take up this sensitive issue.This is an endeavour to highlight the aspects of necrogeography of Patiala and concerned issues of utmost concern. Presence of crematoria in highly densely populated areas is proving an impediment in the development of Sustainable Urban Environment. The changing urban scenario has grave problems of crematoria and this problem has the potential to be an Achilles' heel for urban think tank.This is a concise account of gloomy islands - Cremation Grounds of Patiala city vis-a-vis their problems and strategies to improve the degrading urban environment.This micro level empirical study is based on primary data collected through fieldwork.

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