Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Vol.08, Issue 01, 2002; Page No.(93-95)


S.T. Sharangdhar, S.G. Belsare, S.B. Patange and M.T. Sharangdhar


Aquaculture is one of the several avenues currently being considered in our country as a viable means ,-)f diversification of fishery activity. Aquaculture development is expected to close the increasing gap between the world demand for fish and their production through capture fisheries. In India particularly in Maharashtra coast there is lot of scope for brackishwater aquaculture the five maritime districts of the Maharashtra state having network of 70 creeks with estimated brackishwater area of about 80,000 ha. ( Dange, 1995 ) Ratnagiri district, one of the major suitable brackishwater area, is 2201 ha., out of which 650 ha comes under the Dept. of forest. The land available for actual development is 155 I ha., even though, very little attention has been given to the development of these areas for aquaculture, therefore to study the brackishwater potential of the entire Maharashtra coast. Ratnagiri coast was selected as a representative.The detailed yearwise hydrological and soirstudies of Ratnagiri coast were undertaken. This study will definitely show the potertial of Ratnagiri coast, so as to clear the picture of brackishwater aquaculture along Maharashtra.

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