Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Vol.15, Issue 1, 2009; Page No.(93-98)


Archana Gaur, Devendra Mohan and Devendra Choudhary


Wetlands support a vast variety of faunal diversity by providing them suitable habitat, along with food and water. Avifauna hold a significant place in a wetland ecosystem thus an attempt has been made to assess the avian diversity around Jajiwal wetland. Sixty two species of birds were observed during 200405, belonging to 26 families namely- Podicipedidae, Phalacrocoracidae, Ardeidae, Charadriidae, Upupidae, Corvidae, Columoidae, Phasianidae, Psittacidae, Muscicapidae, Ploceidae, Rallidae, Stumidae, Pteroclididae, Pycononotidae, Meropidae, Anatidae, Recuvirostridae, Accipitridae, Alcedinidae, Nectarmiidae, Gruidae, Cuculiciae, Turdinae, Dicruridae and Scolopacidae. The Dominant families of resident waterbirds were Phalacrocoracidae, Ardeidae, Charadriidae. The area in the close vicinity was dominated by family Columbidae, Psittacidae, along with the resident birds, migratory birds such as Grus virgo (Gruidae) also appeared at the wetland during mid October and stayed here up to mid February. These migratory birds inhibited the wetland area for winter months and showed local diurnal migration. All these birds depend up on wetland flora and fauna along with the nearby crop fields for their food. Anthropogenic activities are on their peak around the studied site, thus affecting the advent of Avifauna.

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