Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Vol.14, Issue 2-3, 2008; Page No.(249-253)


Yahia Abtali, Baghestani Meibodi, Moharnad Ali, Yasari, Esmaell and Abtali, Mehdi


Wild mustard is considered as one of the most aggressive weeds in canola fields. Because of the high percentage of Erucic acid in oil and high concentration of Glucosinolate in canola meal after oil extraction, besides decreasing in canola seed yield, it causes in lessening the canola oil content and quality. The growth parameters of wild mustard in competition with different cultivars of canola therefore, have been evaluated during the cropping season 2005-2006 in Bay-e-Cola Agricultural Researches Station, Agriculture and Natural Resources Researches Center of Mazandaran, Iran. The experiment was carried out base on a randomized complete block design (RCBD) with 16 different treatments in 3 replications based on factorial design. The pattern of competition design was based on two factors: Factor A comprising four canola cultivars: Hyola 401, Opotion 500, RGS 003 and PF 7045.91 (Sarigol). Factor B consisting of: wild mustard density in 4 different levels: 4, 8, 12 and 16 plants/ En'. During the growth period,samplings were done from a section of 0.5 m2 from each plot in an interval of 35 days. After each sampling, dry weight of wild mustard was recorded and used for calculation of Total Dry Matter (TDM), Relative Growth Rate (RGR) and Crop Growth Rate (CGR). The canola seed yield was calculated based on harvesting an area of 3 m2 from each plot. The results showed that with increasing the wild mustard density, the rate of dry matter accumulation and total dry matter in canola plants decreased irrespective of the cultivar and in this point of view there were not significant differences between different cultivars of canola. Evaluation of the weed relative growth rate (RGR) during the canola cropping season showed that RGR linearly decreased with increase in the weed density in all the four cultivars. The analysis of variances for canola seed yield showed that the interaction of cultivar x weed (wild mustard) density as well as the effects of cultivars weren't significant, while canola seed yield decreased with increase in weed density.

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