Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Vol.14, Issue 1, 2008; Page No.(165-168)


Gh. Mohiudin Bhat, M.A. Khan and A.H. Mughal


Studies conducted on vegetative propagation of Elm (Ulrnus wallichiana) through hardwood stem cuttings treated with different plant growth regulator viz.. IAA, IBA, NAA, at varying concentrations of 200,400, 600,800, and 1000 ppm for 24 hours, revealed significant differences with respect to rooting percentage, average root number, average root length, plant height and collar diameter as compared to control. Considering various combinations and parameters studied, it was observed that best result have been observed in cuttings treated with IBA @ 200 ppm, where rooting percentage, root length, root length, plant height, and collar diameter was observed as 27.12, 11.00, 36.8, 51.57 and 0.36 cm respectively. Rooting was observed in all cases except in higher concentration of 1000 ppm.Softwood cutting raised in open beds after being treated with same PGRS at same concentrations by giving a quick dip (for 30 seconds did not form roots except in case of IBA 800 ppm where 10 per cent of rooting was observed and survived for I 'A months only. Other cuttings simply spouted and withered off within few days.

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