Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Vol.14, Issue 1, 2008; Page No.(21-23)


B.R. Supal, S. Basu, S.B. Satam and B.S. Chaudhari


The single fish, three fishes in a single layer, six fishes in double layer and nine to ten fishes in a heap cooked in microwave oven at different power levels shows the straight line relation with total weight of fish cooked. Time of cooking proportionately increases with weight of fish. The Fish cooking at100% power level showed partial surface burning, resulting in slight surface discoloration and tough muscle texture. At 60% and 70% power level, surface burning was less, hardness of surface was noticed. At 50% power level, surface hardness was minimum and time required was also not to long. So cooking of fish at 50% power level was recommended. Microwave saves time for cooking, but affects sensory quality of the fish, although there was a significant difference in sensory attribute in microwave cooked fish compared to conventional cooked fish. The microwave cooked fish scored quit high in sensory evaluation and hence quite acceptable. So it is expected that little loss of sensory attributes will not hinder the property of microwave oven.

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