Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Vol.17, Issue 4, 2011; Page No.(799-802)


A.G. Gaikwad, A.M. Musmade, S.S. Dhumal* and H.G. Sonawane


Information about the genetic variability and diversity among the germplasm lines of a crop is central to its improvement. The present study was planned to assess genetic diversity among the Eighteen genotypes of cucumber were evaluated for genetic variability, heritability and genetic advance. A high degree of variation was observed in respect of all the characters studied. The estimates of genotypic coefficient of variation were slightly low as compared to estimates of phenotypic coefficient of variation indicating the substantial modifying effect of environment in the expression of the traits studied. The high genotypic as well as phenotypic coefficient of variation was observed for characters such as PDI followed by length of fruit, number of fruits per vine, weight of fruit and node number of first female flower. The heritability estimates (Broad sense) were high for all characters. The high estimates of heritability and genetic advance were recorded for final vine length and weight of fruit.

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