Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Vol.12, Issue 2, 2006; Page No.(281-283)


M.R. Rajan and C. Ganga Devi


The present study deals with the ethanol production from fruit peels such as Anona, pomegranate and pine apple using Saccharomyces `cerevisiae . To obtain the maximum level of reducing sugars fruit peels were hydrolysed using acid treatment. The estimation showed that saccharified peels were able to produce more amount of alcohol than control. The experiment conducted at different condition showed that, the maximum levels of reducing sugars were obtained in Anona and pomegranate samples when it underwent a period of 30min and autocalving at 15 psi with 7.5% and 5% conc-sulphuric acid respectively. The maximum levels of reducing sugars obtained in pine apple, when it underwent a period of 60 min and autoclaving at 15 psi with 15% conc, sulphuric acid. From the present study the ethanol production was higher (18%) in pomegranate and which is followed by Anona and pine apple.

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