Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Vol.12, Issue 2, 2006; Page No.(111-115)


S. Poongothai and S.Thayumanavan


Water is the main life-supporting ingredient of world. Its availability varies with time and space since precipitation acts as mother. Its life cycle is characterized by hydrologic cycle, which has neither origin nor destination. Therefore water is called as the elixir of life. The watershed based water resources management is necessary to plan and conserve the available natural resources. When a watershed is properly managed for water, it is also managed simultaneously for soil and vegetation for sustainable developmenL Application of Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System (GIS) in water resources management started gaining importance due to their valuable merits. The combined GIS and remote sensing technology is an excellent tool for monitoring the water resource changes in the watershed over space and time. Relevant systematic database on various aspects of water resources is an important requirement for their sustainable development. This paper explores the creation of a watershed database for sustainable development of water resources. A sub watershed of Gomukhi watershed (4C1A3f), Vellar basin, Tamilnadu, India was considered as study area Basically this is a rural watershed with more than 65% of croplands and with mean annual rainfall of about 720mm. Satellite data of IRS 1C - LISS ifi (1997) and SOI topographical maps (1971-72) were used for preparing various thematic maps of the study area. Mini watershedwise surface water potential and ground water potential maps were prepared. Also the total water potential against total water demand of the watershed was studied_ Knowing the available surface runoff and groundwater resources of the watershed, proper water management strategies for efficient irrigation and agriculture can be suggested for sustainable development.

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