Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Vol 28, Issue 4, 2022; Page No.(2038-2041)


Ningombam Sushma Devi, Preeti Hatibarua and Ningombam Bijaya Devi


The determinant factor of agricultural productivity is the Climate and any changes will affect and become challenging for agriculture. And the predominant causal factor for climate change is the emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, mainly due to anthropological activities such as deforestation for conventional cultivation. As a result, it has become clearer by the day that there is a need to reform our food system from a conventional to a sustainable one. The Nemo’s Garden, off the coast of Noli, Italy is a unique and futuristic underwater hydroponic farm for the cultivation of terrestrial crops which may provide an alternative eco-friendly and sustainable system to conventional horticulture, contribute to sustainable food production, with a positive effect on the surrounding environment. By harnessing the ocean’s environmental benefits-temperature stability, evaporative water generation, CO2 absorption, abundant oxygen, and pest protection—they aim to prove the viability of cultivating herbs, fruit, and vegetables underwater. The culinary herb basilwas initially taken as a model plant and is well adapted in the biosphere environment, but now other crops like strawberries, tomatoes, courgettes, beans, mushrooms, lettuce, stevia, aloe vera, orchids, etc are being successfully grown in the biospheres. The project is under research and pharmaceutical companies are willing to explore this alternative solution for growing plants and to reveal interesting discoveries for the future.