Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Vol. 28, Nov Suppl Issue 2022; Page No.(S312-S317)


Amandeep Kaur, Aarti Sharma, Sanjeev Kumar and Bijendra Kumar


An experiment was conducted to study heritability in broad sense, association effects, direct and indirecteffect of yield attributing traits on yield among 12 green gram genotypes. ISSR markers were also used tostudy the genetic diversity present in the studied genotypes at molecular level. Analysis of variance forRBD indicated presence of significant amount of genetic diversity among the genotypes for all the traits.Phenotypic coefficient of variation was higher than Genotypic coefficient of variation. Path coefficientrevealed that most of the yield attributing traits viz., days to 75 percent flowering, duration of reproductivephase, days to maturity, number of secondary branches per plant, number of clusters per plant, grain perpod, pod density and number of seed per pod, traits had positive direct effect on yield per plant. Twoclusters were obtained from Mahalobinis D2 statistics. Traits viz., number of pods per plant, plant height,1000-seed weight and yield per plant showed high heritability with high genetic advance.