Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Vol. 28, Sep Suppl. Issue 2022; Page No.(S78-S82)


Rockie R.L. Supit, Imanuel J. Emola and Jelila N. Sunbanu


Local wisdom is an unwritten law that was made by the local community or the workers and recognized by the community for generations. This wisdom is very binding on the local community and there are always fines given if there are people who intentionally or unintentionally violate them. The fines given have generally been agreed upon since this local wisdom was made. For local people, obeying local wisdom is higher than written law issued by the government. This study aims to identify the forms of local wisdom of coastal communities, analyze the factors that influence changes in the forms of community-based capture fisheries management, and evaluate the forms of community-based capture fisheries management that develop in the coastal areas of Kabupaten Kupang. This research was conducted from March to September 2021 in all coastal areas of Kupang Regency which includes the areas of West Kupang, East Kupang, Semau Island, West Amarasi, North Amfoang and Sulamu. Data obtained from the results of semi-structured interviews with traditional leaders and community leaders then analyzed descriptively. The results of this study note that currently only a few sub-districts still have valid local wisdom and some are no longer valid.