Pollution Research Paper

Vol 41, Issue 3, 2022; Page No.(964-969 )




In the present study the experiment was conducted in the Department of Food Process TechnologyLab and Department of Food Safety and Quality Assurance Lab to synthesize bio plastic fromselected fruit peels (Banana and Orange peels) in different concentrations by the addition ofdifferent essential oils namely lime oil and clove oil which acts as a preservative and aroma agentwhich serves as potential alternative to the conventional plastic material. In the experimentbioplastic is made from banana and orange peels in different concentrations i.e., banana peels (100g), orange peel (100 g) and combination of banana (50 g) and orange peel (50 g). The Bioplastic made from orange peel was observed with some gaps as starch content in orange peel is less whencompared to banana peel. Bioplastic made from the combination of both peels in the concentrationof banana peel (50 g) and orange peel (50 g) was little bit stiff with some gaps and when tried withthe concentration of banana peel (70 g) and orange peel (30 g) bioplastic was obtained. Thesynthesized bioplastic was subjected to mould test, swelling test, solubility test, Biodegradable testand elongation test. On experiment the mould test revealed that it can be moulded into differentshapes like conventional plastic. Swelling test showed that there is a slight increase in weight ofthe bioplastic when soaked in water as a medium and this is a desirable result because most of theadditives are prepared by using organic solvents, certainly it will help in stabilize productsynthesis and development. From the solubility test it was revealed that none of the samples weresoluble in different mediums which shows that the bioplastic material prepared is stable.Biodegradability test showed that the obtained bioplastic is degradable within 15 days. Thebioplastic made with the combination of banana and orange peels showed more percentage ofelongation i.e., 20.4% where as the bioplastic made from banana peel showed 10% and from orangepeel showed 3% which indicates that the bioplastic synthesized from combination of fruit peelshas more strength compared to individual peels.