Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Vol. 28, Aug Suppl. Issue 2022; Page No.(S501-S510)


Arz Muhammad Umrani, Ahmad Zamir, Umair Safdar, Mamoona Wali Khan and Sohaib Ahmed


Birds inside or outside the airport is big threat to the aircraft. The main objective of this study was toidentify hazards of bird species, population density and richness of birds around BACHA KHANINTERNATIONAL AIRPORT. The methods being used were point count/vantage point method for thepopulation estimation. The Study was based upon two sites (Site A Airport Premises) spreading over anarea of 30 acres and (Site B which is within Airport) spreading over an area of 7.5 Acres. Total Samplingpoints (Observation Points) were 120 and every sampling point was visited for 15-20 minutes and birdswere counted for three to five minutes in a fixed radius. Transact line method spreading over 500 meterswas used to analyze the data. Birds were observed every 100 meters. Primary and Secondary data wascollected using questionnaire. The study identified the reasons for Bird Air strikes at the Airport and exploredpossible mitigation measures of avian hazards in Peshawar airport premises. This data will be useful forthe aviation authorities in preparing managed bird control program. In this study hypothesis were given incomparison with other attractants tree attracts more birds in Peshawar Airport. Averages of 30 specieswere observed in Site A and 15 in Site B monthly respectively. The highest Relative Abundance observed atSite A was of House Crow species which is 16.8463612% and in Site B Kite species with relative abundance21.4953271%. The Highest number of Bird strike occurred at Runway followed by strikes outside the fencewith reference to Bird strike report 2021-22. Pigeon and Doves were observed in Flight over the airportpremises. 36 Bird’s diversity observed around airport in rainfall and cloud cover assessed through Shannondiversity index as 3.024 which indicate good diversity of birds in the study area which might be a potentialthreat to the aircraft? The study revealed that effective management plan should also be taken intoconsideration. The Population density of Site A outside the airport premises (30 Acres) is 24.13/Acre andfor Site B within Airport which is 7.5 Acres is 14.2/Acre respectively.