Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Vol. 28, Aug Suppl. Issue 2022; Page No.(S491-S496)


Mohammad Shafiq Ur Rehman Dr.Sanjeeb Pal and Syed Aasif Bukahri


The fast food industry consumes lots of water, energy and generates tons of waste which ultimately leadsto environmental degradation. The food industry tended to be slower to adopt green practices than othersegments of the hospitality industry, but they are currently following suit and are adopting environmentalpractices that are beneficial for the environment and reduce the negative impacts. The utmost importantresponsibility of the fast food restaurant must be to implement environmental friendly practices in dailyroutines of their business. This research aims to explore the environmental practices adopted andcompetencies required to sustain such practices in the fast food restaurants of Kashmir. A semi-structuredinterviews and check-lists have been formulated based on which In-depth interview has been conductedfrom 40 respondents. The study concluded with the fact that, implementation of sustainability practices inany fast food restaurants can be successful only if the employees are competent.