Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Vol. 28, May Suppl. Issue 2022; Page No.(248-284)


Chetan Chauhan, Ujjwal Sirohi, Aastha V. Rakesh Sharma, Mohit,Veena Chaudhary, Bijendra Singh and Mukesh Kumar


Molecular characterization of germplasm is rapid and most reliable method for genetic diversity and interrelationshipanalysis in crop. Assessment of genetic diversity in 30 brinjal genotypes was carried out withten Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA (RAPD) markers. A total of thirty RAPD markers were screenedout of which ten primers produced clear bands were finally selected for diversity analysis. Ten primersproduced a total of 20 bands with an average 2.0 bands per primer thus generated 100% polymorphism.RAPD primers showed variable bands and were in range of 01- 4 bands. Maximum bands 04 generated byPrimer-4 and minimum band 01 produced by Primer-2, Primer-3 and Primer-6. Heterozygosity variedfrom 0.00-0.48 while PIC was in the ranged from 0.37 to 0.49. The highest Polymorphic Information content(PIC) value (0.49) was observed for Primer -2 while lowest PIC value (0.37) was exhibited by Primer -1.Effective multiplex ratio was maximum (2.00) for the Primer-7 and minimum effective multiplex ratio(0.73) showed by Primer-10. Maximum discriminating power of marker (0.97) showed by Primer-8 whilePrimer-7 did not show any discriminating power of marker. Resolving power of markers varied in therange of 0.00 to 1.87 with an average of 0.820. Maximum resolving power of markers (1.87) noted withPrimer-4 while Primer-2 did not exhibit any resolving power of marker. Jaccard’s similarity between pairsof cultivars ranged between 0.35 and 0.95. Highest Jaccard’s genetic similarity was found between thegenotype of Pusa Bindu and JBH-3, Arka Nidhi and JBH-3, KKM-1B and RCMBL-1, DRNKV-02-104 and JB-69 and KKM-1B to Shyamal while the lowest Jaccard’s genetic similarity was observed between genotype of VR-11 and JB-18 and genotype BCB-464 and PB-67. The dendrogram generated through RAPD revealed 2 major clusters at Jaccard’s similarity coefficient (GS=0.59) which showed narrowed base of diversity among the germplasm. Molecular data produced by RAPD markers clearly indicates that genotypes like BR-11 and JB-18 and PB- 67 was found more divergent and can be used for further improvement programme.