Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Vol. 28, May Suppl. Issue 2022; Page No.(179-182)


Vinayak Pai and T.M. Akhilraj


A study has been conducted in Joida taluk of Uttara Kannada district, Karnataka to assess the utilization,constraints and probable outcome expected by the Artocarpus lakoocha tree. A semi structured questionnairesurvey was conducted among the local people of different villages of Joida taluk. This species acts as asecondary source of income for rural people. The steps involved in the processing and marketing wererecorded. The actual market rate and cost of production was assessed and cost- benefit ratio was calculated.The cost-benefit ratio being 1:1.6 or 1:2 shows that value addition of this fruit is economically viable. Thoughthis fruit tree is only semi domesticated it provides plenty of products. Domestication and value addition ofthis fruit tree will be boon to the villagers as well as small scaled industries.