Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Vol 28, Feb Suppl. Issue, 2022; Page No.(499-505)


Minakshi Bhattacharjee, Susanta Mog and Nabin Soren and Deep Prakash Parasar


Present research work focused on sugarcane bagasse powder having potential cellulose source which can be used in pulp and paper industries. Ecological concerns have increased the need for nonwood pulp as a low cost raw material for paper making. This also led to the development of alternative pulping technologies that are eco-friendly. Cellulose pulp from the generated agro based waste is collected from the street vendors and chemically prepared in the laboratory and used in paper making. The optimal cooking time and dose of pulp by moist weight found were 180 minutes & 150 g of pulp per frame, respectively. To improve the quality and the shelf life of paper we incorporated sucrose in the sugarcane pulp. Sucrose acts as a natural preservative. To study the effect of sucrose as preservative we prepared a solution of sucrose and distilled water in 1:4 ratio. The solution is then mixed with sugarcane bagasse in 5:250, 10:250, 15:250 and 20:250 and observed the OD of the mixture on 20th and 27th day. By using this pulp we developed a paper with incorporated artificial seeds within it, so that after use of this paper rather than discarding the paper simply sowing it in garden soil a plant will grow from it and generate a means of eco initiatives. This plant able paper is developed by handmade process without using any harmful chemicals and can be made using everyday use material. Anyone can use this method and make the paper. The paper obtained from this process is found to be of good quality and durable and can be used for preparation of commercial Kraft’s of different purposes like greetings card, packaging etc., and can generate new way of a revenue.