Pollution Research Paper

Vol.30, Issue 2, 2011; Page No.(273-278)




This article presents a detailed study conducted, to establish the reasons and to diagnose the cause of severe cracks on the Industrial Flooring initially in the length direction and spreading in the lateral direction of the newly constructed. Industrial shed in the premises of A.P. Fibers Ltd, Jeegiram, Salur, Andhra Pradesh, as part of research problem under Industry Institute Interaction and to suggest methods for remediation and precautions to be taken for prevention of such cracks originated from geo-domain due to behavioral aspects of subsoils. A most suitable remediation method is to be suggested, need to be eco friendly, economic and must be consistent with site conditions. Least chemical influence on ground water, if harmful chemical admixtures are to be used, may pollute ground water. This was is potable and polatable used for drinking also. It was reported that flooring cracks were observed during the installation of power looms in the new shed constructed under expansion project. A site visit was made and the data was collected on site conditions, crack pattern. Detailed field observations were made and trial pits were dug up to 3.5m below EGL around the industrial shed (Fig. 2, Trail Pit Layout Map), at the corners and middle of industrial shed Necessary UD-soil samples were collected at site and laboratory tests were conducted. Based on the data, the reasons for cracking are interpreted and remedial measures and preventive measures were recommended. During the process of the implementation of recommendations, the propagation of cracks on the floor was frequently monitored for assessing the effectiveness of techniques.

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