Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Vol 26, Issue 3, 2020; Page No.(1239-1243)


N. Vattanaprateep


Nowadays noise pollution crisis is very persistent in Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand. Bangkok is a home to a lot of people and is a central hub for business and trade. From the study conducted on 13 main roads of Bangkok, it was measured that the noise levels have been ranging from 55 to 107 dB(A). It was also found that Ramkhamhaeng, Sathorn, Silom, Lat Phrao, Vibhavadi Rangsit and Lat Krabang road have average noise levels up to 70 dB(A). The major causes for these high levels were traffic, construction and airports, totaling up to 93.25%. Noise levels from traffic were found to be more than 90 dB(A), especially due to superbike/motorcycle, tuk-tuks and 10-wheeled truck. The traffic crisis significantly increases during the time of Songkran festival and new year festival occurred noise pollution crisis on roads. The study also found the construction of sky train and intersection bridges to be disturbingly loud. As aforementioned, one of the major sources of noise pollution in the city is airports. There are two airports located in Bangkok and each of them produce very high and deadly levels of noise. One is the Suvarnabhumi international airport situated near Lat Krabangand the other one is the Don Mueang airport which is located near Vibhavadi Rangsit road. The major health effects caused by noise pollution are negative social behavior and annoyance, with around 46.5% people affected in the city. Most people are aware of these causes and effects, and therefore are concerned with the regularity of noise pollution in the city. Currently the people of Bangkok are moderately satisfied with the enforcement of noise pollution regularity.