Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Vol 26, Issue 3, 2020; Page No.(1078-1084)


Augustinus Madyana Putra, Gagoek Hardiman and Agung Budi Sardjono


Maintaining the sustainability of cultural tourism identity is important in the future. Various inputs from tourists are needed to identify the elements that determine the identity of the area. With the development of information technology, traces from social media are necessary to be explored further. This paper aimed to find unique elements of region in the cultural tourism in Ubud, Bali, which can be used as input for shareholders to determine the direction for the development of the region. This paper observed International Travel Sketch Bali 2019 which was attended by around 700 participants from twelve countries. This travelsketchactivity is a tourism activity as well as drawing activities of interesting objects in some locations. After the participants finished drawing, they uploaded on their respective social media using the same hashtag. Data are obtained by downloading sketches from the Instagram account with hashtag #TSBali 2019. These sketches are then elaborated to find out the supporting elements of the characteristic at the location. The analysis showed that the identity of the Ubud, Bali, can be recognized from travel-sketch activities. In detail, identity elements of the region are fixed element in the form of traditional architectural; semi-fixed element of works such as statue, pot, and umbul-umbul; non-fixed element in the form of religious equipment; landscape; and social-religious activities.