Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Vol 26, Issue 3, 2020; Page No.(1068-1077)


Elena Sierikova, Elena Strelnikova, Leonid Pisnia and Elena Pozdnyakova


The current paces of the city development is irreversibly changing environment. Additional groundwater replenishment of the urban areas is in the several times higher than the natural rainfall infiltration to groundwater. It leads to groundwater level increasing and flooding of the urban territories due to Technogenic factors. For simulating the groundwater level changes in Kharkiv it has been developed mathematical model that takes into account the essential balance components, such as groundwater replenishment by atmospheric waters, additional groundwater replenishment, evapotranspiration and water extraction from underground waters. Paper treats the manage techniques of flooding prevention on the basis of world experience. Aim is to increase the environmental safety of urban territories subjected flooding process due to the flooding management on the mathematical modeling base. Foci are on flooding prevention project, the authority’s functions and the tasks of flooding effects preventing and actions algorithm during monitoring of groundwater level on flooded and potentially flooded urban territories. Proposed measures might be integrated into decision-making process of flooding prevention.