Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Vol 26, Issue 1, 2020; Page No.(111-116)


Shahnaz Akhtar1 and Ashaq Hussain Najar


Hotel industry is considered as one of the industry which consumes lots of energy, water, generates tons of garbage to the environment and ultimately that lead to environmental decay and more. In order to keep in track with the negative environmental consequences, hoteliers should implement and follow sustainable environmental practices in their daily business routine. Hospitality industry in the light of sustainability tourism development can play an important role towards sustainability with regard to triple bottom line of sustainability, i.e.: environmental, social and economical sustainability. So, it is an utmost and foremost responsibility of the hoteliers to implement sustainable tourism practices in their daily business. This study has taken only one dimension of sustainability i.e. environmental sustainability and tries to explore the existing environmental sustainable practices and its implementation in the select hotels. The study has covered nine hotels with the geographical boundaries of Srinagar city only. In Qualitative methods, multicase studies were used and the data are collected through semi-structured interviews and check-lists. The respondents for the study were only operational managers as they are having the knowledge with regards to the environmental issues. The study concluded with the fact that implementation of eco-friendly practices lead towards environmental sustainability.