Pollution Research Paper

Vol 38, November Suppl Issue; Page No.(67-69 )




Climate change is now real. All around the world, rainfall patterns are getting disrupted, never seen floods are happening. Even though the phenomenon of climate change is naturally occurring over the period of decades, it is highly influenced and forced to occur due to various human made establishments and activities such as industrial and vehicle causing air pollution. One of such a contributor to the atmospheric pollution is automobiles, whose number is increasing every year especially in metro cities in all around the globe. As per a government data, the vehicle (Inclusive of all transport and non-transport vehicles) population in Chennai - India has doubled from 2004 (2.02 million) to 2014 (4.35 million). In this high time, Bharat Standards (Emission standards) are strictly being followed to encounter the pollution caused from vehicles. Apart from Government regulations, it is still required to provide user friendly solution to curb air pollution which can reach each and every individual vehicle user. In this paper, we have proposed a design aimed to provide a detachable filter which can be easily attached to any vehicle exhauster manually. Our filter design works on the principle of adsorption with novel, low cost and eco-friendly adsorbing medium named corn cobs and LECA balls. On one hand, LECA balls are readymade available from clayey soil and cheap too. On the other hand corncob, an important agricultural waste that requires a fuel intensive burning for its disposal. We have conceptualized, the use of these alternative materials as adsorbents in raw form and in surface functionalized form to filter out the desired pollutant from the emission of machines and vehicle exhausters.

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